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        981 Lonesome Loop
        Blanco, TX  78606
        Tel.  512-413-5662

pair of K1200S'sflooded GS in for repairGS1200 at night


  • Servicing Oilhead and Hexhead Boxer models as well as K, F, & G series. 
  • Fault code reading and clearing with GS-911 diagnostic reader & software
  • Reset of service reminder on late model BMW's
  • Troubleshooting of mechanical and electrical systems
  • Tire mounting & balancing with NoMar equipment. Can order tires or install customer supplied.
  • Accessory ordering and/or installation, including lighting, wiring for electronics, shocks, and luggage systems.
  • Yearly/12K scheduled service
  • Tune ups, including valve adjustments and throttle body balancing
  • Oil changes
  • Transmission and final drive lube service
  • Brake service including ABS system flushing
  • Coolant flush on K Models
  • Parts replacement for cosmetic damage
  • General maintenance repairs
  • Pickup and delivery of motorcycle (by appointment, at reasonable rates)
  • Emergency trailer rescue

About the owner
Retired from electrical career of 35 years. Returned to my early passion of working on motorcycles a few years ago. Meeting my wife riding her 1995 BMW Roadster got me to switch brands. Owning 9 BMW's kind of caught me up in a hurry on the latest technology. I have met some really skilled techs thru my travels and have gleaned a lot of info from them. I spent a few years working in a Houston Honda dealership in the 70's. Started as a porter, then into parts and  new bike set up, working alongside the mechanics learning their tricks and methods. Started a backyard shop at my parents home rebuilding engines and transmissions and damage repair at age 16 and continuing into my early 20's. Had my older brothers friends and my dad's coworkers bikes on a regular basis ( Mom wasn't too happy when I spilled oil on her porch, but allowed me to enjoy my passion).

I have owned Harleys, Hondas, Suzukis and now pretty exclusive to the BMW marque. I keep my workload spaced out to provide prompt service to my customers. Most services completed in a few days. Oil/gear lube changes and tires by appointment can be done in a few hours while you wait. I offer pick up & delivery by appointment at a reasonable rate, and rescues on emergencies. If I am in town, I'll come get you!

Steve Henson

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